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SCAR Rifle Variety Set 28mm - 8

SCAR Rifle Variety Set 28mm  - 8
Product Code: SCAR Rifle Variety Set 28mm - 8
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Availability: 49
Price: $5.50

A set of 8 Various SCAR and Sniper Rifles cast in resin. Each set includes 8 highly detailed 28mm weapons modeled after present day weapons. Scaled for use with Astra Militarum army and 28mm wargame minis.

Set contains: 2 SCAR Autoguns, 2 SCAR Autoguns with Grenade Launchers, 2 SCAR Lasguns, 2 M14 Sniper Rifles

This product is sold unpainted and some cleaning may be required.

This product is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop.


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