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Combi-Melta Component
This is a single pewter combi-weapon melta component. This single bit is designed to fi..
Hot Shot Lasgun Pack
This is a 2 piece metal model of a heavy laser and a power pack.  Designed to be compitable ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Pilum Imperial Attack Jet Bike
This multi-part customizable resin kit contains 21 resin components. This set includes our st..
Based on 1 reviews.
28mm Infantry Accessory Pack
This resin kit consist of 13 resin components - 1 Side Arm, 1 Limpet Mine, 1 Trench Knife, 5 asso..
Taapani Storm Troopers - (6) 35mm Heavy Infantry Models
This resin conversion kit contains 6 torsos, 6 arm sets, 6 legs, 6 heads, and enough bases to..
(12) Taapani Storm Troopers - Assault Squad with Lasguns
This resin conversion kit contains 12 torsos, 12 arm sets, 12 legs, 12 heads, and enough bases to..